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Happy Sunday.

14 Oct

A few days ago I shared a picture of a watercolor thing I made and I finally found a quote I liked. I drew it up and was pretty happy with it then attempted to put it on my watercolor.


Since I had no way of transferring it, it turned out horribly. =[. I’ll have to work on that…

How well are your kerning skills?

Cool design blog.

Business card inspiration.

Chalkboard drawing tips.


Terrific Tuesday?

9 Oct

I get television tomorrow after a horrible 5 month break. So today I must finish all my projects before I get super distracted. Probably won’t happen but here’s what I’m aiming to doing today..


I made this cool watercolor thing the other day just playing around. Now I’m looking for a quote to put on it. For some reason my mind keeps seeing it in the bathroom and looking for quotes the first one I saw was ‘quit slackin and make shit happen.’ Ha. Ha. My day has been too dull…

Here’s some stuff..

This is a very cool concept. ‘Wind Drawing’, what a creative way to keep track of the weather or something.

I feel the need to share this recipe. I finally made something and it tasted so good. Not that it requires any skill but you’d be surprised the things I mess up..


Great website for inspiration.

Im going go to go eat some peanut butter balls, byeee.

Freshly Pressed Morning Coffee

1 Sep

I’ve started (today) a new morning ritual of blog surfing and coffee because job hunting is hard and staying home is fun. For a while at least. The best way to see my adventures is to look at the posts I’ve liked on the right but I’ll try and share a few with you.

The first blog I am going to spend a huge majority of my time on. I love all things type and I just find this fascinating. Visual Text Project is soo cool. Please go take a look if you like cool words.

The second is Digital Toni. Its kind of random media related and it’s just fun to me.

And lastly here’s an image I found and am obsessed with. Hopefully it will start your September off right.


Like this post and I will be sure to come visit you, perhaps even talk about you.
Happy surfing!

Daily Inspiration

18 Aug

Today’s inspiration comes from this guy. I really love letters and I really love things like this. So here ya go.