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Happy Sunday.

14 Oct

A few days ago I shared a picture of a watercolor thing I made and I finally found a quote I liked. I drew it up and was pretty happy with it then attempted to put it on my watercolor.


Since I had no way of transferring it, it turned out horribly. =[. I’ll have to work on that…

How well are your kerning skills?

Cool design blog.

Business card inspiration.

Chalkboard drawing tips.


Terrific Tuesday?

9 Oct

I get television tomorrow after a horrible 5 month break. So today I must finish all my projects before I get super distracted. Probably won’t happen but here’s what I’m aiming to doing today..


I made this cool watercolor thing the other day just playing around. Now I’m looking for a quote to put on it. For some reason my mind keeps seeing it in the bathroom and looking for quotes the first one I saw was ‘quit slackin and make shit happen.’ Ha. Ha. My day has been too dull…

Here’s some stuff..

This is a very cool concept. ‘Wind Drawing’, what a creative way to keep track of the weather or something.

I feel the need to share this recipe. I finally made something and it tasted so good. Not that it requires any skill but you’d be surprised the things I mess up..


Great website for inspiration.

Im going go to go eat some peanut butter balls, byeee.

A little bit of everything.

29 Sep

Today I’ll be spending my day being completely unproductive. It’s just hard to be motivated when the only thing you have to do is clean. Oh well… Here are some cool distractions for your day..

Murals are so cool to me because I just don’t get how they keep track of what they are doing. Especially something so intricate. How do you keep track of the big picture? More.

Some interesting/cool things on this Flickr stream.

Hope your not tired of paper art yet..

I’ve been really obsessed with work/studio spaces lately..More.


And business cards and such.

Type Fan?

I’ll leave you with this…


Happy Saturday!

I’m such a slacker..

27 Sep

Wow where have I been. Still no progress on any of my stuff to share. I’m a huge slacker. But here are some cool things.

I just love this. And want it. See more excerpts here.


Can you guess what this is? So cool.

I really like the cool posters.

Well, thats enough for me today..

Today’s inspiration | watercolor

23 Sep

Yesterday I decided to go shopping and picked up some watercolor supplies. I’ve just had some cool pictures in my head and after playing around yesterday I don’t think any of those images are going to come to life =[. Here’s some sweet inspiration though. Found all of this wonderfulness here.







I have a long ways to go…

It is Friday.

21 Sep

I’m still adjusting to having a job that allows me weekends and it is so so wonderful.
Here are some fantastic Friday finds.


This amazing interior inspiration for art above the sofa.

I’m a huge fan of long exposure photography. Especially when it has to do with airplanes, cars, or stars.

And this kind of photography. Yes, that is a perfectly timed water balloon.

These are also very amazing.

Have a good weekend!

Make Something Cool Everyday

16 Sep

Such a cool idea. Doesn’t matter how detailed it is, just make something. Deeper ideas can stem from that


I initially found this post on Bored Panda but I clicked through to get to this guys actual website and it is so neat. Lots of great inspiration. Check out everything he made for a year and definitely check the rest of his art out.

My project today is to finish up the rest of my drawing. Every time I look at it I fall more in love with those letters. Probably going to end up making the whole alphabet soon.