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Aside 16 Feb

It’s been so long!

I made this website with only my iPad and decided it was really to keep updating with just that but I finally got internet so now it’s much easier!

I just started Graphic Design classes and everything is really fantastic right now. I’m excited to start sharing thing I love again.

Drew this up real quick awhile ago and I just really like it..



Rainy days are best for..

13 Oct

Rainy days are best for sitting at home, drinking coffee, and attempting to get crafty.

Rainy days are best for finding strange stuff on Etsy.


Not that this lady didn’t do a fantastic job on what I imagine are shrinky dinks…..just a little creepy.

Rainy days are best for exploring new apps. Like Craftsy.

I don’t really do a whole lot of these types of crafts but I like to attempt jewelry stuff and i don’t know, maybe some of it looks cool. I just really liked the idea of the app. Youre able to subscribe to classes and then can watch videos about what you subscribed to. And it’s all free!

Rainy days are best for sitting down to actually finish a project. Something I rarely do.
Here’s my inspiration for the day..


You should definitely look at the rest of this.

All of these.

What are rainy days for you?