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Happy Sunday.

14 Oct

A few days ago I shared a picture of a watercolor thing I made and I finally found a quote I liked. I drew it up and was pretty happy with it then attempted to put it on my watercolor.


Since I had no way of transferring it, it turned out horribly. =[. I’ll have to work on that…

How well are your kerning skills?

Cool design blog.

Business card inspiration.

Chalkboard drawing tips.


Rainy days are best for..

13 Oct

Rainy days are best for sitting at home, drinking coffee, and attempting to get crafty.

Rainy days are best for finding strange stuff on Etsy.


Not that this lady didn’t do a fantastic job on what I imagine are shrinky dinks…..just a little creepy.

Rainy days are best for exploring new apps. Like Craftsy.

I don’t really do a whole lot of these types of crafts but I like to attempt jewelry stuff and i don’t know, maybe some of it looks cool. I just really liked the idea of the app. Youre able to subscribe to classes and then can watch videos about what you subscribed to. And it’s all free!

Rainy days are best for sitting down to actually finish a project. Something I rarely do.
Here’s my inspiration for the day..


You should definitely look at the rest of this.

All of these.

What are rainy days for you?

A little bit of everything.

29 Sep

Today I’ll be spending my day being completely unproductive. It’s just hard to be motivated when the only thing you have to do is clean. Oh well… Here are some cool distractions for your day..

Murals are so cool to me because I just don’t get how they keep track of what they are doing. Especially something so intricate. How do you keep track of the big picture? More.

Some interesting/cool things on this Flickr stream.

Hope your not tired of paper art yet..

I’ve been really obsessed with work/studio spaces lately..More.


And business cards and such.

Type Fan?

I’ll leave you with this…


Happy Saturday!

I’m such a slacker..

27 Sep

Wow where have I been. Still no progress on any of my stuff to share. I’m a huge slacker. But here are some cool things.

I just love this. And want it. See more excerpts here.


Can you guess what this is? So cool.

I really like the cool posters.

Well, thats enough for me today..

Because I’m too awkward to have a social life..

22 Sep

Here’s a little how my saturday went…

Quick 10 minute breakfast before boyfriend left for work.

Searching for a simple L-shaped desk, found this ad. Oh, Craigslist.


Any spare time I have is spent on Buzzfeed looking at cute animals.

Dying of cuteness.

Browsed through my 209 pins of ‘Stuff I want to make’.

But got distracted and found this cool typography website.

Decided my phone isn’t working because no one is responding to my texts =\. Which means I’ll be forced to do something productive.

Hope your plans are more exciting, feel free to share!

Graphic Design books are hard to read.

20 Sep


This project. Very cool concept to remind you walking is good.


This very cool DIY lamp. It’s made out of tape.

And a cool blog if you feel like surfing.

Just got The Elements of Graphic Design from my library. Graphic Design books are so hard for me to read. I just love all the pictures.
Going to go finish my breakfast and watch the rest of the sunrise. Have a good day!

Currently working on – Alphabet

19 Sep


Just kidding about the ‘A’ on the right. Started this yesterday. Excited to finish and upload my first font. It’s kind of harder than I thought but I’m having fun.

Now accepting font names..