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More plates..

7 Sep


Birthday present I just made for one of my friends. Also one of my favorites. Kinda sad to see it go.


My favorite iPad apps!

11 Aug

If you own an iPad I’m sure it’s just as much an obsession for you as it is to me. It goes everywhere with me! I am constantly on the search for new apps and they have to be free. I have only paid for one app and I’m hoping to keep it that way!

Netflix/Pandora – I currently have no cable/internet at my apartment. (My iPad has 3g). So entertainment options are my favorite.

Chrome – I really love Google Chrome and this app works pretty nicely.

I’m really obsessed with games and currently my favorites are Tiny Tower and Monster Life. So cute and fun and perfect for time wasting.

StumbleUpon is always fun and the app works lovely! So does the ABC Player. You get to watch a few recent shows, great for time passing.

Fancy is a shopping/liking sort of app. I haven’t ever heard of it but you can shop or just ‘fancy’ things and it’s pretty entertaining.

Just starting to mess around with Nike Training. It’s technically an iPhone app but whatever. It’s pretty great to keep you motivated and I can’t wait to use it more often.

I love design type things and finding free apps for it is kind of difficult. However I really enjoy Moodboard Lite, it’s great for throwing down some ideas (I forget so quickly). You can add text, pictures, and whatever to keep your idea from disappearing. Harmonious is a lot of fun for drawing and sketching. Made a couple things I’d like to turn into posters =]. The only app I’ve paid for (less than $2) is Typography Insight. I’m just starting with type and it’s a really awesome way to learn your way around.

Those are my most used apps. What are yours?