Daily Inspiration 9-8

8 Sep

I love packaging. I didn’t really realize, actually I don’t think anyone really realizes how much they love it, until your really made conscious of it. Which is my goal today. Right now if your saying it doesn’t matter, you are lying. If you were to tell me you’ve never chosen some modern looking bottle rather than the generic next to it or even picking the cute Kleenex box, you are lying again.

Let’s start with Kleenex.


It’s hard to decide which box to use as an example. In my mind Kleenex is as creative as Google with their logo and I love it. I love the idea of turning something so simple and common into a work of art, easily interchangeable, or just being able to match it to your decor. Read a little about the Kleenex shown http://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2012/08/kleenex-desktop-companion-student-work.html. Actually you should just go to that website because there are so many packaging designs.

I enjoy things that look like other things.



I got these pictures from this cool website. You should also explore that as well.

I will be starting school soon and was mainly excited to learn about type but I think I’ve found a new obsession…

What are your favorites?


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